Coffee And Other Caffeinated Delights

by Dan Bee

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If you were to mix the genes of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendix, and Frank Zappa, I’m pretty sure the outcome would result in an artist named Dan Bee. One of the players of the band Raw Mojo, Dan has created a collection of songs, stories and fantasy titled Coffee and Other Caffeinated Delights. One thing I’ve learned after stalking Dan is that when he gets bored, he writes a song. When he’s not bored, he writes a song. When he is in the mood, he writes a song. Hell I would almost go as far as saying, when he’s sleeping, he writes a song. The man has a talent to putting his thoughts, personality and everything else that is Dan Bee into song form. The sign of musicianship follows him around like the cloud of stank following that one Charlie Brown character for whom will remain unnamed for the mere reason it has slipped my mind for the moment {Editor’s note: Pig-Pen}. But we shall move on….

Coffee and Other Caffeinated Delights is an 18 song collection that only a mad scientist could create. Like Dr. Frankenstein in his laboratory, Dan shows every side of his musical abilities mixed with his unique personality giving us some great music. There really aren’t any sleeper songs on the whole album. Each song has it’s own unique signature and story that is sometimes quirky, sometimes dark. The songs are catchy and there are plenty of them that you can listen to over and over and not be bored with repetition.

The first song off the new album “Coffee” is a prime example of Dan’s songwriting genius. He makes coffee sexy. Is coffee a metaphor? Maybe. Probably. I’m sure if you ask him, he’d probably ask you what your interpretation of the song was rather than telling his version of it. It’s the curiosity that will intrigue him the most.

“I Hope You Die” is another song that catches my attention. It’s dark, catchy with an almost autobiographical look into a dark mind. Whether it’s about Dan or someone he knows or even a character he created in his mind, someone was undoubtedly having a bad day. Trying to sort thoughts of near madness and confusion.

“Waiting On You” is pure grunge era rock. In the likes of The Meat Puppets, Melvins and Nirvana, I could definitely hear this song coming from one of those bands as Frank Zappa stood proud overhead. ”The System is Broken” turns almost disco, almost 80′s electronic Howard Jones like. There is diversity all over this album which makes it probably the most interesting album to come out this year.

If you like diversity, you’ll love this album. It all sounds like Dan Bee, and it is a great listen. There really isn’t a song on the album that I dislike. With 18 songs, you can easily listen to this over and over and hear something different with each listen. This will remain in my iPod for a very long time. Also, if you like this album then make sure you check out Dan’s other band Raw Mojo.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars!


released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Dan Bee Iowa City, Iowa

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